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AirStar Offers Professional Service

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AirStar’s mission is to provide safe and efficient air charter services to the entire United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Set your own schedule and increase productivity without distractions while traveling in luxurious comfort. An aircraft will be provided in accordance with your charter needs.


AirStar can save you travel time and money by flying to airports that are more conveniently located to your destination. No need to wait in crowded terminals dependent on unreliable commercial flights. AirStar saves you time checking in, parking and with baggage claim so that when you arrive at your destination you are ready for your business meeting. AirStar allows you to utilize the aircraft as an essential business tool without the cost of ownership. In addition, AirStar can accommodate your company’s passenger and freight requirements worldwide.


AirStar makes the safety and security of our clients our main priority. All flights will meet and or exceed the mandated standards established by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). These flights are conducted under the FAA Regulation part 135 standards that strictly govern the safety, maintenance and operation standards for charter aircraft operations.

Our professional pilots are ATP Rated and undergo continuous training to ensure your utmost safety and security. Air charter pilots must complete rigorous simulator training sessions as well as FAA check rides. The flight crew is required to complete background checks, drug testing, and employment background screening.

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