Imagine Air Affordable Personal Air Taxi

What we offer:  Personal Time Machine / Air Taxi service across the Eastern U.S.
Our Company Overview:
Founded in November 2004, ImagineAir has been studying better ways to travel. As we know your time is valuable, our goal is to minimize door-to-door travel time, allowing you to spend the extra hours with your family, friends, and business associates.

ImagineAir is one of the first companies to utilize the innovative new Air-Taxi concept studied extensively by NASA, Virginia Tech, and other institutions in the last 5 years in the Small Aircraft Transportation System initiative. Under this system, air travelers fly out of their local airport avoiding long drives to international airports, and fly directly to the local airport closest to their destination. This point-to-point system not only saves an average of 3 hours per one-way trip over the hub-and-spoke system of airline travel, but also has the potential to save day travelers hours on the road for shorter regional trips.

ImagineAir operates a fleet of Cirrus SR22s in order to provide the safest and most cost effective, time-efficient, and comfortable air travel possible.

Imagine Air Charter for business day trips

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